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The “Mom” Dance
Posted by peepers on 4/22/2011

Having recently become a mom myself, I enjoyed reading about all the wonderful things in life I get to look forward to that come along with aging and motherhood.

Below is an excerpt:

“While I was visiting at my daughter`s college apartment, my daughter and her roommate were telling me how they took their other roommate`s mom out to the bars for some dancing and college decadence. I was laughing along with the girls up until my daughter started to describe how this woman danced in the clubs. She called it the Mom Dance.

I was a bit taken aback and asked, "What is the Mom Dance?" At that point, the two girls stood up and started to sway in place at a brisk speed. Then they swung their arms back and forth simultaneously snapping their fingers.

Insulted by this little demonstration, I said, "Who dances like that? I don`t dance that way!"

"Uh, yes you do. All moms do."

Click here to read the full article

Though I’ve already become a big fan of the ‘mom jeans’, I have yet to worry about ‘mom heels’ or ‘mom glasses’…and we’ll just leave the granny panties out of it for now, shall we?

Here’s to hoping my rad dance moves have a while before they fade away! And when that dreaded day comes when I’ll have to pick up a pair of reading glasses, I’ll be sure they’re the most fabulous specs out there!

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