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Sneak Peek into Peepers 2014
Posted by Amanda Ferrise on 11/20/2013 to Just for Fun

It's time to get excited peeps!

Our Spring Collection is on the rise and we could not be more ecstatic about whats to come.  

Here is a sneak peek into Peepers by PeeperSpecs Spring 2014 Collection:

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay_1

Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger_1

We would love to know your thoughts, feel free to comment below!

And the Pantone Color for 2014 is...
Posted by Amanda Ferrise on 11/15/2013 to Just for Fun

Radiant Orchid!!!



Here were the other contenders!  Maybe next year.


Congratulations to our Office Manager Diane for guessing the 2014 color of the year!!!

Way to go Diane!

We here at PeeperSpecs are very excited to start the year off with radiance.

The Holiday Season is upon us!
Posted by Amanda Ferrise on 11/11/2013

Peepers has great styles for all types of personalities from The Executive, The Fashionista, The Bookworm and The Outdoorsman for this holiday season!  Our reading glasses are fun, trendy and will make perfect stocking stuffers this holiday season!


Peepers Set it Straight on Reading Glasses & Vision Myths
Posted by Amanda Ferrise on 11/4/2013 to Just for Fun

We here at Peepers have heard it all!  You may not believe that there are myths out there about reading glasses and vision, but you will find that these myths go way back to ancient times.

We peeps will set the facts straight on common myths regarding reading glasses and vision.  True-or-False

Reading Glasses Myths

Wearing  over-the-counter readers will cause you to become dependent on them: NOT TRUE

Reading glasses are designed to correct blurry vision.  Seeing clearly, since clear vision with readers is preferable to uncorrected vision, you may start to notice that you need and want to wear your reading glasses more often.  Even though it may seem that you are becoming dependent on you readers, you are simply getting used to seeing clearly.  "CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?!"

Wearing readers makes your eyes stronger:  NOT TRUE 

Reading glasses only makes your vision clear, they do not have any impact on your actual prescription.  Your prescription will change the same amount even if you wear readers everyday or not.

Reading in dim light is harmful to your eyes: NOT TRUE

By reading in dim lighting, you are NOT damaging your eyes.  However, good lighting does make reading easier and can prevent eye fatigue.  When your eyes have to work harder to see, they become tired and the strain could cause headaches or itchy eyeballs.

Eating carrots can improve your vision: NOT TRUE

Carrots, of course have lots of vitamin A, which is essential for sight.  But many other foods also have this vitamin.  A well-balanced diet, with or without carrots provides all the vitamin A necessary for good vision!  "Eat your veggies kids!"

People with weak eyes should avoid reading fine print: NOT TRUE 

It has been said that people with weak eyes or people who wear readers will damage their eyes sooner if they read fine print.  The concept of an eye as a muscle is incorrect. Think of the eye more as a camera.  A camera will not wear out quicker just because it is used to photograph close detail. You can use your eyes without any fear of wearing them out!

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