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Geek Chic Is In!
Posted by Laura Sadenwater on 7/29/2011 to Just for Fun
These Days, everywhere you look you'll find people on the street, in the office, and even celebrities sporting "nerdy" eyeglass frames.  These thick, usually horn-rimmed glasses that used to be a target for teasing back in grade school, now automatically shoot one straight to the top of the 'cool' list.
VH1's The Fab Life has come up with a photo gallery of today's hottest celebs sporting some pretty fabulous specs.  From Josh Hartnett (can we say YUM) to Sarah Silverman, it seems that everyone is jumping on this trend!
Now, not to be left out, here at Peepers we've added our own line of geek-chic frames that we hope keep everyone looking stylish and put-together.  And, with price points ranging from just $21 to $40, we offer an unbeatable value!   Here are just a few of my favorites! Enjoy!
Have a great weekend!!! :)
New Peepers Retailers!
Posted by Laura Sadenwater on 7/29/2011 to New Peepers Retailers
With the Atlanta and Los Angeles Gift Shows behind us for the season, we're happy to introduce just 5 of many new Peepers retail locations!  These gift shops and boutiques will be showcasing the latest, most fresh, updated collection of Peepers!  Enjoy!
Charlotte's Web Monogramming & Gifts
1150 Hixson Pike
Suite 8
Chattanooga, TN 37405
ph: 423-266-4022

Bows, ETC.
9914 Willow Tree Terrace
Rockville, MD 20850
ph: 301-442-6707
Bows Etc.

Beauty & The Boutique
2673 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014
ph: 858-755-7709

The Gifted Fig
4234 W Bay To Bay Blvd
Tampa, FL 33629
ph: 813-835-3447

Eye Site Optometrists
2805 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204
ph: 703-486-2620
Peepers Pleaser for the Weekend of July 22, 2011
Posted by peepers on 7/22/2011 to Peepers Pleasers
The Peepers Pleaser for this weekend is ..... 600 Paintball !
Enjoy the discount from Friday, July 22 thru Sunday, July 24.
Have a great weekend!
REALLY super cool 'test' to check if you are in need of reading glasses for computer use
Posted by Laura Sadenwater on 7/20/2011 to Just for Fun
While browsing around online I came across this and thought it was one of the neatest things!!
In the photo below, while sitting a normal distance from your computer screen:
People with normal vision will see Albert Einstein (I do!!)
People who are near-sighted will see Marilyn Monroe

If you don't see Albert Einstein while sitting at your computer, we recommend looking into a pair of cute reading glasses to help improve your vision while working at your desk or computer area.

93-year old shares his secrets for 'aging gracefully'
Posted by Laura Sadenwater on 7/15/2011 to Just for Fun
Sometimes life seems to just fly by.  The really important parts, of course.  While the work day usually drags on, it's the fun stuff that is always gone too quickly: Watching our kids grow up, spending time with beloved friends and family, taking time to do what we desire and not what is necessary. 
This article from the Chicago Sun-Times' Beacon News really got me thinking about cherishing everything that comes my way.  What an inspiration Floyd Hoffman is not only to these students, but to the world!
Floyd, who lives in North Aurora, IL is 93 years young and doesn't see himself as 'old'.  He speaks of his late wife (which brings a tear to my eye) and tells of how they met on a blind date. He enjoys spending time with his 2 children, 8 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
"Hoffman, a World War II veteran, said he lives independently. He said he has three square meals a day and stays physically active through exercise. He does his own laundry and household chores, including mowing the lawn, and he keeps his mind alert by finishing a book a week of crossword puzzles. He goes to church on Sundays."
This weekend lets take some time out from our busy lives to just enjoy being.  Why don't we turn off the television and the cell phones and go make some memories with the ones we love!!
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