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Look of the Week
Posted by Peepers on 9/29/2011 to Just for Fun
Okay, okay, so I know the week is mostly over already!  I've been a little busier than normal (which is a good thing) so I've been a little behind in my posting.
This week's look:
"The Miranda Priestly"
Inspired by Meryl Streep's characted in The Devil Wears Prada, these gender-neutral frames look great on everyone!
Here's our take:

Disney's Princesses Show off their Studious Side!
Posted by Peepers on 9/20/2011 to Just for Fun
Found this cute photo and just had to share it!!  Walt Disney's most famous princesses are ready to hit the books in their geek chic glasses.  Who's your favorite? 
Our vote goes to Belle!
(Ariel was a close 2nd)
TOP 10 :)
Posted by Laura Sadenwater on 9/16/2011 to Just for Fun
Who doesn't love countdowns??
Check out our 'David Letterman inspired'
"Top 10 Glasses Wearers of All-Time"
10. Sarah Palin
The former governor of Alaska and John McCain's 2008 Presidential running mate caused quite a stir with her
rimless glasses .

9. Colonel Sanders
KFC founder. 
This friendly face stares back at us as we enjoy greasy buckets of chicken.

8. Dame Edna

7. Malcolm X
Courageous, human rights activist.

6. Buddy Holly
Pioneer of Rock N Roll

5. Andy Warhol
Pop Art Genius

4. Harry Potter
Have I mentioned before that I love him?

3. Elton John
Do his glasses ever come off??
Who cares?!? We love em'

2. Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis
GLA-MO-ROUS!! very favorite glasses wearer of all time is:
1. Harry Caray!!!
Long time Cubs announcer who was recently inducted into the Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.

Pantone Releases Fall 2011 Trend Color Report
Posted by Laura Sadenwater on 9/15/2011 to Just for Fun
It's time to set the trends for Fall 2011.  What better place to start than with your Peepers Reading Glasses?!  Pantone has released their Fall 2011 Fashion Trend Color Report.  This season it's all about contrast and color; Take a chance by pairing bold prints and colors with classic neutrals!
Based on this year's runways here are the Women's colors for fall 2011:
I've done my best to pick out styles from all of our collections to coordinate with the colors of the season!


From our Designer Reading Glasses Collection

#367-Cocoa Coral

From our Women's Reading Glasses Collection

#930-Top Drawer
From our Women's Reading Glasses Collection
This one does a great job of mixing a neutral with a bold, bright color!


From our Signature Series
High quality, optical frames


From our Designer Reading Glasses Collection
ON SALE: $17.99

Deep Teal
#878-Tropical Heat Wave

From our Coordinated Reading Glasses Collection

Coffee Liqueur
#550-Your Face or Mine

From our Designer Reading Glasses Collection

#936-Beach Towel

From our Coordinated Reading Glasses Collection
Beautiful buttery tan, chocolate brown and a bit of winter white!

Orchid Hush
#227-Lapis Bamboo

From our Peepers Treasures collection
ON SALE: $12.99

#244-Evening in Roma
From our Peepers Treasures collection
Makeup for Glasses-Don't Hide Behind Those Frames!
Posted by Peepers Reading Glasses on 9/9/2011 to Just for Fun
The internet is FULL of some pretty awesome videos of makeup tutorials for glasses wearers.  This one, by Lancome spokesperson (and YouTube sensation) Michelle Phan is super fun!  The makeup looks intense at first, but with her glasses on, it really brings out the beauty of her eyes!

Check out these Peepers Reading Glasses for a frame similar to the one's Michelle wears in her tutorial:
: )
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